Mrs. Weber Bakes was established because of Pastry Chef Lauren Weber's two biggest passions: food and making people happy.

Lauren holds both a bachelors degree from Texas A&M University in Food Science and a Certificate in Patisserie and Baking from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts.

Starting off she gained experience in one of the premier wedding cake shops in Austin, where she refined her “Pastry Passion”.  Involvement in the Loving Libbie Foundation and the baking community allowed her to create custom cakes for celebrities such as Willie Nelson, Katharine Shilcutt and Bridget Edwards.

After relocating to Houston, Lauren created a blog highlighting her appreciation of great recipes and techniques (Mrs. Weber Bakes) all the while establishing a fully functional custom cake department in a highly regarded local gourmet market.

Now Mrs. Weber is fulfilling her buttercream frosted dreams by custom designing the most beautiful and delicious cakes and  pastries her customers have ever seen!

About Us.

How soon do I need to place my order?

For most bakery items 48 hours is enough time. For Custom cakes the sooner the better, minimum 72 hours. 

If you are interested in Wedding or Groom's Cakes you can place an order as early as a year in advance.

Do you do Cake Tastings?

Absolutely! You can choose up to four flavors from our Custom Cake Menu to sample. All tastings are by appointment and cost $30 due at time of booking. If you would like more than two people at your cake tasting, or more than four flavors, each extra person, and each extra flavor will add on an additional $5 charge. Should you decide to use us as your Cake Designer a maximum of $30 will be deducted from the final cost of your cake. 

Do you Accept Credit Cards?

Yes! We are now able to accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover. 

Do you have a shop?

No, in order to keep costs low we are a virtual company. We are focusing on building our customer base  by providing you the best product we can produce at the best price we can offer. 

Why aren't there prices displayed for your Custom Cakes?

Each and every custom cake is different. Even though two might look the same on the exterior they might have different flavors or feed a different number of people. The cost of each cake is based off of three factors: the number of servings, the flavors requested and the decor chosen. Once we narrow down these three criteria I can give you an estimate for your unique cake. 

Do you Deliver?

Yes. All orders will be subject to a delivery fee that will be included in the final cost of your order.